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Fault: Milestone One and Two:above

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

This isn’t what I usually post about… or, well, I guess there’s nothing I usually post about, but I’ll post this now:

This visual/kinetic/cinematic/whatever novel series called “Fault” is turning out to be fucking great:
– Fault: Milestone One – Fault: Milestone Two:above

And there is a totally awesome voice-acted playthrough of the first one here:

It’s made in Ren’Py, for those interested.

I’ve been making a small puzzle game “Wandstep”

Sunday, January 4th, 2015
This is Wandstep.

This is Wandstep.

I made an entry to the Ludum Dare 31 competition called “Wandstep”. It was quite rough, but had interesting game mechanics and a usable visual theme.

Regardless of the roughness and fairly bad final scores in LD31, a local gamedev guy competed with me in a number of randomly generated levels in Wandstep. It was pretty fun – the challenging flavour of fun – so I decided to give it a go and polish this thing for a few weeks.

Granted, it’s not an AAA game, but if this sounded interesting to you, give it a go!

If you have any feedback, let me know!



Plain APK:

Hint: Use the in-game menu to share a random level, and use the menu again to get a direct URL to the level – each shared URL has a unique list of highscores too.

Genvaders – My Ludum Dare 24 Entry

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I spent this weekend making a game for Ludum Dare 24 .

Your goal is to shoot as many aliens as you can. After you get rid of one bunch, an evolved bunch of aliens appears.

The aliens evolve based on how well they hit you and how long they stay alive. You can prevent the aliens from taking too much advantage of it by killing the nastiest ones first.

Download, read more, rate or whatever at the LD24 entry page.

A screenshot timelapse of me making it:

2012-12-15: The genvaders source code is hereby released under WTFPL, to allow usage of it as a base in future competitions.

GGJ2012: Oh Snake

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

I did a solo project in the Global Game Jam 2012 site here at Oulu, Finland, during the last weekend:

First level in my GGJ2012 game "Oh Snake"

First level in my GGJ2012 game "Oh Snake"

It is called “Oh Snake” and it is a snake puzzle game written in Python & PyGame; it includes a level editor and a windows executable.

Project page on

JS Bombers

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
JS Bombers

JS Bombers - Click to play

I thought I’d learn some Javascript, and figured I should make something useful and fun to keep the motivation up. So I started doing that by actually creating a game!

It is a browser based real-time multiplayer mini clone of the Finnish classic game Mine Bombers.

Your goal is to collect more valuables than your opponent by digging and dropping bombs. You can also kill your opponent if you can’t keep up with grabbing the treasures. 8)

So, use your preferred instant messaging service to challenge your friends! (really, you need a friend to play this with)

Here it is:

Don’t be afraid if the lobby is empty. It is just the single game, what did you expect? :-) I said you need a friend to play it with! If in doubt, you can leave the game open and check back once in a while. You’ll probably meet someone to play with in some tens of minutes.

What’s next?

There are basically two things that could be done:

  1. More features (multiple bomb types, multiple rounds per game, shop with credits, different grades of pickaxes)
  2. Facebook or Google+ integration

Whaddaya think? 8)

Oh, and yeah, I replaced the old wordpress theme, due to a variety of reasons. I think this is quite good.