Dev snapshot build

A desert in Minetest.

A desert in Minetest.

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What’s new (since

  • Added deserts, with cactuses, dry shrubs, desert sand and desert stone
  • Re-added papyrus (or whatever it is) generation
  • Added fire. Currently you can only ignite it with lava – but check out the mods after a while. Also /giveme fire:basic_flame.
  • Added new way to install texture packs: Put all texture files in textures/all/, without subfolders
  • Support placing a minetest game inside $world/game for easy creation of custom adventure maps
  • Optimized leaf decay
  • Modding API additions:
    - PerlinNoise
    - EnvRef:find_node_near(pos, radius, nodenames)
    - EnvRef:find_nodes_in_area(minp, maxp, nodenames)
    - minetest.get_node_group(name, group)
    - Allow looping of local and positional sounds
  • Fixed sound direction
  • A lot of smaller improvements and fixes
cisoun's house on fire

Oh my gawd, what did I do?!

Tip of the day: When using 0.4, you can open any world from any place by opening the file in the world’s directory, and selecting minetest.exe for opening it.