Minetest server stress test!


We want to see how Minetest performs as a mini-MMO platform. We set up a server solely for the purpose of stress-testing the latest version of the vanilla Minetest server.

We need as many players as we can get. We’re aiming to reach 100 during the next few days. Call all your friends and neighbors!


UTC 19:30 Update: The server got roughly 15 simultaneous players during the initial two hours. The player number currently is roughly 7, and we are now seeing if the server will gain more less hasty users in a longer timespan.

Upcoming Tue 19th UTC 17:00: The “cram everybody in” minute!

How to join?

A Windows build of the very latest 0.4 (which works with this) can be found at:

Linux users should read the readme and build a version from github.

Connect to minetest.ru:30001 (that is, address minetest.ru, port 30001)

Check out the chests at the spawn, build something and hang around. Check out the main site, the forum and the wiki too.

Less important stuff:

Stairs in Minetest.

Stairs in Minetest!

You may be interested in the fact that the version this server uses now has stair and slab blocks included. It does not contain any additional mods though.

The server will be up for at least many hours from now, probably for a few days.

The collected data will be used for purposes of optimization and general knowledge.

The world might be transferred on a more persistent server if it gains lots of interesting buildings.

11 Responses to “Minetest server stress test!”

  1. induction Says:

    There are ~20 bots on this server relogging every 30 seconds. Server lags and these bots spam chat (with login/-out messages) so it is hard to build anything there.

  2. galaranix Says:

    this is one crapload of lag!!!!!!!! and a hell load of bugs please move this to a more stable server.

    P.S really you need to

  3. thefamilygrog66 Says:

    Stairs! Awesome.

  4. Algar32 Says:

    Hey the servers are kind of laggy, but there are plenty of smooth running servers out there to make up for it ;). Btw I really like the game. Keep up the great work :)

  5. chainstorm Says:

    How do you place/make them?

  6. Justine11 Says:

    Really Awesome!! celeron55! keep a good work for it!

  7. Calinou Says:

    chainstorm, like this:
    (X is any material, wood, cobble, stone, brick, sandstone, _ is blank)
    _ _ X
    _ X X
    X X X

    _ _ _
    _ _ _
    X X X

  8. hkmaly Says:

    I seem to not be able to connect to this server anymore. It is down?

  9. Teodrosdaking Says:

    I played only one server, left for a second, and came back and now the connection of every single server I try doesn’t work. It stays at “connecting with server…” and the black page says the address could not be resolved. I hope you can answer my question not for me only but for the other people struggling with this problem. Either than that the game is a huge success, thank you.

  10. hkmaly Says:

    And seems the server is down again …

  11. andre Says:

    dae dae

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