Minetest 0.4.1

The stable Minetest is here, as some people probably have already noticed. I decided to, after a month of no features being added, stuff in a good bunch of bugfixes by me and others, and call the end result Minetest 0.4.1. (There was, in fact, a 0.4.0 too, but it had too many problems to be worth announcing 8)).


“Stable” in here means “is in a known supportable state”. It:

  1. does not contain all features we’d have wished for,
  2. is not bug free


  1. it works,
  2. we are familiar with its rough edges and
  3. all planned features can be easily added without losing compatibility to the current version.

Who made this?

Built upon the proven base of Minetest 0.3, Practically all of Minetest 0.4 has been designed and implemented by me and kahrl. In the winter of 2011-2012, huge efforts, for apparently no benefit, were taken to ensure the core design would be suitable for what it could become.

Thanks goes to the users and modders too, who daringly jumped into the ripped-apart game and sculpted it to their needs, and the occasional engine contributors.

Kahrl went missing three months ago – and is still missing. I predict we will not see him ever again, for whatever reason that could be. His clever mind will, however, be forever present in the gears of Minetest.

Get it!

Therefore, you can now find the 0.4.1 Windows package on the download page, and the appropriate branches and tags on github.

There currently does not exist a complete changelog since the latest of the 0.3 series. I’ll figure that out and post it in the near future. It will be LONG. as. hell.