Minetest 0.4.3

Windows package: minetest-0.4.3-win32.zip
Others: http://minetest.net/download.php

EDIT: I am not sure, but the automatic rendering range control doesn’t seem to work properly in this. If it seems so, report it in the comments and use the + and – keys or the R key to force it higher than it otherwise is.

Forum thread: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2953

This is mostly a bugfix release on top of 0.4.2-rc1.

0.4.1 -> 0.4.2-rc1:

  • Wool (somewhat compatible and based on jordach’s original mod)
  • Dyes (a simple mod which thoroughly defines how dyes and other mods should interact)
  • New kind of creative inventory
  • Increase node id field from 12 to 16 bits
  • /mods command
  • Fix a bug in zlib wrapper code
  • Rollback support; disabled by default; enable with “enable_rollback_recording = true” and use /rollback and /rollback_check
  • Some random bugfixes
  • Lua API:
    • minetest.get_modnames()
    • Formspec menus
    • Detached inventories

0.4.2-c1 -> 0.4.3:

  • Animated torches (obvious) and vessels (a few standard bottles) included (VanessaE)
  • Fix crash when furnace is full
  • Shift is now the default “climb down” key; can be toggled in key configuration menu
  • A few small Lua API additions:
    • InventoryList width property for having different-sized crafting grids (0.4.2 fails with this) (thexyz)
    • Added new kind of node behavior to engine via groups: disable_jump, fall_damage_add_percent, bouncy
    • Add overridable function for changing node drop behaviour
    • Move remaining chat commands to Lua (matttpt)
  • Smooth transition between deserts and grass (by some guy called Sergey Gilfanov)
  • Fix and improve key configuration menu (frozon + me)
  • Fix inventory behaviour in some cases of moving items
  • Reorganize rendering code for a bit more performance (can be from +0% to +200% FPS, depending on how slow your GPU is at switching textures)
  • Lots of other bugfixes

Version incompatibility
0.4.3 can connect to 0.4.2-rc1 servers if they have “strict_protocol_version_checking = false”; 0.4.2-rc1 cannot connect to 0.4.3 due to a stupid forward-compatibility breaking mistake (that hanged around in the code since October 2010). 0.4.2 release is skipped due to the incompatibility with 0.4.2-rc1.

9 Responses to “Minetest 0.4.3”

  1. madrexxx Says:

    Great! I waited for windows build!

  2. LelixSuper Says:

    Yuppy! Great Job! MInetest Forever!

  3. PilzAdam Says:

    All the engine changes are great, but it would be better if there were more gameplay improvements.

  4. cHyper Says:

    awesome game…

  5. Eazi98 Says:

    I hope u will fix the creative inventory because it is very troublesome to keep dragging the blocks out
    plus hope u can have mobs in the game cause that would make the game play all so more fun

  6. Ezequiel Says:

    thanks for all, Thank you for share it this amazing game!

  7. Johdra Says:

    Great game! Soothing to play, makes me late for work. Please do not take my observations/opinions below as criticism in any way.

    It seems like the current world generator makes some of the higher mountain peaks look more like office towers rather a natural part of the mountains. Also maybe its just random, but there seemed to be more likelihood of having huge floating islands/land masses, or what have you (best way I can describe them for now) in 0.3.1. Will we see any tweaks that may allow this to happen again, or maybe even entering a seed when creating worlds? (Maybe I was just getting lucky in 0.3.1)

    In any event this game is loads of fun. I tell practically everyone I run into about. Thank you and all of the dev’s and mod makers for taking the time to make it what it is. You’ve made a lot of people really happy.

  8. Calinou Says:

    Johdra: indeed, these “plateaux” (not sure if it’s an english word, at least it’s the french word for that kind of mountain, which does exist in real life) should perhaps be a bit rarer.

    Map generation tweaks can be done if you know C++ programming, but the long term plan of the developers (possibly) is to make the map generation settings tweakable when starting a new world.

  9. Vivian Says:

    the comment you made about range control, on linux it works but is case sensitive.

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