The anniversary of 0.3.1 AND 0.4-dev

It turns out it has been 1 year since the release of Minetest 0.3.1, and the development of 0.4 was started exactly one year before tomorrow. Cool. 8)

The beginning of Minetest 0.4

The beginning of Minetest 0.4

Here is how the website looked back then!

Minetest website, 2011

Minetest website, 2011

11 Responses to “The anniversary of 0.3.1 AND 0.4-dev”

  1. Topywo Says:

    Happy release-day and happy development-day!

    Is Minetest now what/where you then thought it would be now?

    Lot’s of people have/are and will be enjoying it and there are a lot of mods published and released, especially last few months. I think that’s a considerable succes!

  2. celeron55 Says:

    Topywo: It indeed has worked out pretty good.

    I can’t say I and kahrl thought 0.4 would go where it is now when we designed the basis of it, but we definitely prepared for something like this. Without that, it would’ve been a rockier road. 8)

  3. induction Says:

    I love terminus font, lol.

  4. Sudo Bash Says:

    Keep up the great work! I would say this is becoming one of the best FOSS games on the web.

  5. Lelix Says:


  6. Josh Says:

    Great work Celeron55! I can’t wait to see what you have in stall for minetest next! :D

  7. tinoesroho Says:

    How much things change in a year, and how much do things stay the same! I discovered minetest back in the dev-20120222-2 days, and I haven’t stopped playing since. It’s amazing how big it’s grown and what directions it’s taking now that simple modding is possible.

    *raises glass*

    Here’s to another year of Minetest!

  8. madrexxx Says:

    Epic WORK! You’ve made best InfyMiner and Dwarf Fortress like game! You’ve made it opensource, it is epic! You give us LUA api, it is NICE!

    P.s. could you implement LuaJit support? it’s site is . it can give mientest more performance on lowCPU PC’s

  9. InfinityProject Says:

    Wow, minetest has come a long way! Whatever happened to Kahrl anyways?

  10. cHyper Says:

    i hope there will be more features in the future… this will be awesome… nice job …. done before…

  11. erlehmann Says:

    I am delighted Minetest came this far. :)

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