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  1. Lelix Says:

    So I can not play if I have ubuntu?

  2. celeron55 Says:

    Lelix: it is not related to Minetest in the slightest. It is, however, related to my previous blog post.

  3. Ben Says:

    Can’t access your website (minetest.net); getting gateway timeout (Error 504).

  4. frenchfan=binou Says:

    Hello, computers without “sse2″ (processor AMD and Windows XP) can not load the map (Error = Some Exception: Illegal Instruction). I wanted to do discover Minetest to someone close to me, and it is a failure. I would like to use the official versions (Windows, Linux or Mac), and i do not know how to “compile” (not expert). Thank you in advance please.

    ho, please add a button “Live” after “About Contribute News Download Blog Forum Wiki Github API” => minetest.net (with a combo box for server selection and the person to follow) to display as a video inside the server and broadcast live. One way to promote all your works directly and in a lively way. Thank you very much.

    What i remember of what i wanted to understand ” http://blog.pkh.me/p/13-the-ffmpeg-libav-situation.html ” is that we must listen to users (especially if you are a “pro of the programming”), and when there are divergences, it is necessary to add an option in order to satisfy everyone. Thank you in advance, please, for the consideration of user feedback (man and woman ; little and older children).

    (( i use this = http://translate.google.fr/?hl=fr# <= thank you (Google), for help me ))

  5. hoodedice Says:

    Uh, I don’t get it. Can someone explain this to me in a greater detail? What is going on with Libav and ffmeg and stuff?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Can you please not include any sorcery related features in this game, unlike Minecraft? Enchanting, crafting, etc. I’m sick of all the witchcraft and the like in games. Instead of using spells and enchantments for tool/weapon upgrades why not simply use a blacksmith tempering feature, instead?

  7. Tom Says:

    I am a teacher who currently uses Minecraft in the classroom. I use a mod called MinecraftEDU which is primarily made to control users (special blocks, priveleges, etc) and build large structures quickly (similar to MCedit). The project is very popular and I present at conferences teaching others how to use the game in an educational setting. If you are looking for a way to improve the world with your work, education is the way to go. Minetest seems like it needs to find a niche, and providing the best free educational software to date is a niche Minetest could fill. Research minecraftedu.com to get a sense of what I imagine Minetest to be. I have countless ideas to basically create the ultimate education game with Minetest as the engine. Problem is I do not know how to code. I am learning though… Either way, great game. Go Open Source!!!

  8. Calinou Says:

    Mods are made with Lua, so lower-level programming knowledge is not required.

  9. moses9lk Says:

    why is there a connection yimout when i want to play c55

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