Minetest: New Website

The http://minetest.net/ website got a full rebuild from scratch. It is now based on dokuwiki, using a template made by BlockMen, being editable by multiple core members of the community. This way a bit more content can be maintained there, and all of it is easy to keep up to date when I’m away doing other things.

I also moved it to be hosted on http://nearlyfreespeech.net for now. Hopefully this set-up will serve us well for quite some time!

18 Responses to “Minetest: New Website”

  1. Minetester Says:

    I do not like, the older was better.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Woo nearlyfreespeech.net!

    More maintainability is always good.

  3. lx42 Says:

    its ok. the logo could be better but its ok.

  4. W Says:

    Stop use LUA please, just use C for game scripting.

  5. Pigador Says:

    Thanks you so much for this Minetest !
    Continue like that !

  6. gnudist Says:

    @W: why C? Please explain your reasoning.

  7. sdaf Says:

    pathetic excuse minecraft

  8. sdaf Says:

    mardin, no problem

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. Marshall Lee Says:

    Awesome man!

  11. webdesigner97 Says:

    Well, I prefer the old website…

  12. Synthia Says:

    I like it. It looks very nice :)

  13. Frantisek S. Says:

    Good job, both Minetest and website. Poor little Minecraft fanatics, they need to compare the game, and because “java is obscure” and Minecraft is very buggy, they need to critisize.

  14. jordan_jones Says:

    When will there be a new game update!!!

  15. neelam ojha Says:

    good job. thanks

  16. ol'parrot Says:

    the new Website design’s much better than the old one, really i like it

  17. ol'parrot Says:

    the only Thing that could be improved (a bit) is the design of the menus

  18. Pure Logic Edmonton Says:

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