Minetest map generator mod “Watershed” fly-over

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So, my day went like this: First I woke up and was thinking of writing a certain kind of subgame, and started doing that based on another one. Then I decided that the idea I had wasn’t complete enough, discarded that mini-project and decided that integrating mapgen v5 with current master would make sense.

I barely did that and begun flying around in a world generated by it. It seemed that implementing mgv7 biomes on it would be a next step, but a boring one. Then I thought a bit and came to the conclusion that some of paramat’s mods must be capable of the things that I like in v5, and quickly ended up flying around in a Watershed-generated world. It was just as glorious as always and I experimented a bit with recording flying with constant speed in it.

Nothing seemed to go wrong, so I iterated some hours on a hack that controls the height of flight and finally let it run for a final pass. It had a lot of water. I was like “Fuck it; let me just get some music!” and surprisingly quickly ended up with something licensed under CC BY-SA that I really wanted to use.

It took a fair amount of arranging and cutting to get it match the video. The end result of this is what you see above.

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  1. Wuzzy Says:

    Great video! :-)

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