New Youtube video: “Vaihdamme avaruusaluksen laturin”

I made a video in an experimental format where I do something and comment in Finnish, in realtime with minimal cuts.

It’s kind of vlog, but not quite, and kind of how-to, but not quite. If it works for some reason, it’s probably because it’s a form of calming entertainment that isn’t so common these days. Everybody just cuts and talks all the time. I won’t.

This one has subtitles too. I might not make subtitles in the future because making them took like three hours for this one. It doesn’t seem to be worth it. But do tell what you think.

One Response to “New Youtube video: “Vaihdamme avaruusaluksen laturin””

  1. trev Says:

    Nice. I like that you are making videos now! (I am also an active user of Minetest.) As for the subtitles, they’re great for me because I don’t know Finnish(but if they take a lot of time, you can leave them out; I should be able to follow by the video).

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