New release: 0.2.20110922

Release time!

It might still have bugs, but not very serious ones. Will fix bugs during the next couple of hours if some are found. This hasn’t gone through any proper testing other than it having stayed mostly unchanged for a while in the source repository.

Also, I seriously need to try to release more often. It seems there never is a good point of time to release and it gets just delayed more and more… 8-)

- Map is saved in an SQLite database file (by Queatz)
- Ladders (MarkTraceur)
- Lava
- Apple trees (sfan5)
- Slightly better looking inventory with transparency
- /me chat command (Oblomov)
- Using chosen map seed possible through fixed_map_seed configuration option (kahrl)
- Fix the long-existed PeerNotFound loop bug
- Some translations and localization-related fixes
- Lots of small fixes

Oh, and yeah, half of the stuff has been made by contributors. Don’t underestimate the huge burden of managing all this and fixing difficult bugs that I am doing though…

Download page

Windows package:

Ubuntu/Mint and Archlinux stable package has been updated.

Mac OS X package not yet available – but it seems there is some package that is more recent than the last release – I wonder what that is…

It’ll take some time for the other Linux packagers to catch up.

NOTE: Updated from 0.2.20110922_0 to 0.2.20110922_1. This updates the client to tell the server it is newer than 0.2.20110731_3. If you connect with 0.2.20110922_0 to a 0.2.20110922_1 server, it will disconnect you telling you are using too old version.