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JS Bombers

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I thought I’d learn some Javascript, and figured I should make something useful and fun to keep the motivation up. So I started doing that by actually creating a game!

It is a browser based real-time multiplayer mini clone of the Finnish classic game Mine Bombers.

Your goal is to collect more valuables than your opponent by digging and dropping bombs. You can also kill your opponent if you can’t keep up with grabbing the treasures. 8)

So, use your preferred instant messaging service to challenge your friends! (really, you need a friend to play this with)

Here it is: http://jsbombers.mine.bz/

Don’t be afraid if the lobby is empty. It is just the single game, what did you expect? :-) I said you need a friend to play it with! If in doubt, you can leave the game open and check back once in a while. You’ll probably meet someone to play with in some tens of minutes.

What’s next?

There are basically two things that could be done:

  1. More features (multiple bomb types, multiple rounds per game, shop with credits, different grades of pickaxes)
  2. Facebook or Google+ integration

Whaddaya think? 8)

Oh, and yeah, I replaced the old wordpress theme, due to a variety of reasons. I think this is quite good.