Minetest 0.3.0

The current development version has gone through quite a lot of testing and now it is time to release it as stable. It really is stable now, unlike the previous stable, which really isn’t stable even today. There are problems, of course, but they are known, minor and have workarounds.

Here is an image to make you interested!



This has practically nothing new compared to the previous development build. Here is the changelog:

0.3.0: (released on 2011-11-01)
- Some small fixes
- Modify dungeon masters to only try to shoot players
- Fix object duplication bug at block load/unload
- Improve network layer
- Locked chest
- Server user limit setting (max_users)
- Wielded tool is shown in HUD
- View bobbing
- Saplings that drop from leaf blocks and when placed on ground will grow to trees
- Optimized map saving (does not re-save everything all the time)
- New mob system and new mob: dungeon master
- Death/respawn screen

Compared to the previous stable (0.2.20110922), it contains lots of new things.

Additionally, in this Windows package, the textures have been mostly replaced by Cisoun’s texture pack. Linux users can install it separately, if they wish.

For Windows (XP/Vista/7), download it here: minetest-0.3.0-win32.zip

For other platforms, here is the download page.

4 Responses to “Minetest 0.3.0”

  1. Sarah K Says:

    Looks great! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Spayder26 Says:

    Why didn’t you change the textures on linux port?

  3. celeron55 Says:

    The linux versions come directly from the version control system, and I didn’t yet want to replace images in there. That is a much larger thing to do than just replacing them in a single zip package.

    Also, I have noted that after using Cisoun’s pack for a longer time, it starts to feel boring just like the original textures. Even the original textures look fun again after a while of not using them. I recommend switching textures once in a while. :-)

  4. Spayder26 Says:

    I was thinking on a bug or something else, but is great to know the -really good- reason behind this xD

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