A new development snapshot build:

The same thing in github: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/commit/a00e908f52c20f156158b70dd3a79d24f30221a6

Aand some notes to the early modders:

The global node/tool/item names in the default mod have been modified to follow the proper naming convention. For example the stone now is now called “default:stone”.

Also the digprop_* functions are now called minetest.digprop_*.

Don’t remember more right now but will add here if something comes up.

5 Responses to “0.4.dev-20111204-1”

  1. CJ Says:

    I think you are onto something. I think that you can make something beautiful happen with this. If you need any help contact me on my youtube channel. I would love to be apart of this

  2. Anonymous Says:

    will the next update include sound?

  3. @Anonymous Says:

    Very probably not, the patch for that is still very incomplete and also lacks the changes needed to make it 0.4-compatible.

  4. We Are One Soul Says:

    Where’s 0.4.dev-20111205-1? Curious since 0.4.dev-20111204-1 doesn’t allow me to craft with wood.

  5. Kenneth Says:

    It may be nice if you can make some redstone stuff, but in a unique way.

    For example that you can in a single block print circuits in order to reach more efficiency in youtube they are trying to make a small pc whit redstone but is impossible due to the size it may have.

    Thanx and nice project!!..

    Sorry my english

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