A fix for the Co/Tech MultiTool tool holder

I now got a replacement Co/Tech MultiTool (a cheap dremel-like thing) for free for the one that I broke some time ago. I found out that the build quality is a bit worse. It vibrates more, and the tool holder holds tools a bit tilted. I can’t do much for the vibration, but the tool holder was a real issue for me, as I’m going to try to mill PCBs with it, with tools smaller in diameter than the amount of how much it tilted the tool.

The problem was in the part that you turn to tighten the collet. It had the hole in the end significantly misaligned. Well, not any more. It seemed that the hole in the tool holder could be enlargened enough to make the hole well aligned in relation to the turning axis. And I happen to have an another dremel copy too, so…

I secured the tools head-to-head on a table (which was easy with the adapters I have made for attaching them to the router) and used a few mm’s thick grinding tool in the other one, and rotated the spindle of the other one manually.

And after 10 minutes of rotating it little by little, the tool holder works well: