"itemdef" patchset: Changes visible to all players

See the parent page for an overview of the patchset and compatibility notes.

Note: This list may be incomplete.

The bad

  • Some mods will break and have to be updated
  • Protocol version has been incremented, so you can't connect to old servers or have players with old clients connect to your server
  • The experimental luafurnace has been disabled until the crafting API is extended again (normal furnaces continue working, of course).

The good

  • Moving things into your inventory (e.g. by crafting, or picking up an item lying on the ground) tends to be more predictable about whether it works when your inventory is full.
    • For example, this did not work before: screenshot. It works now.
  • An annoying old bug relating to crafting seems to have been inadvertently fixed. (might have been fixed earlier already?)
  • Items now have a description, you will see it in a tooltip in the inventory menu and when pointing to an item lying on the ground.
  • Tool repair: Put two damaged tools of the same type into the crafting grid, get one with their remaining uses combined.
  • Furnaces have been slightly tweaked, but you shouldn't notice any big differences.
  • Apples now become nodes when placed. This means you can put an apple back on a tree and it won't fall down.
  • Iron ore seems to have become about as common as in 0.3.1 again.
  • Glass, fences and transparent leaves display cracks when they're hit.
  • The hand is thicker.
  • The inventory doesn't display item counts that are equal to 1.
  • The damage bar for tools is hidden when the tool is undamaged.
  • The damage bar for tools is green when the tool is slightly damaged, yellow when half-way damaged and red when about to break.
  • Mesh updates may have become slightly faster. Not a big difference, though.
Server commands
  • /give and /giveme parameters are simpler, in particular the <item> part in /give <player> <item> and /giveme <item>
    • The new syntax for <item> is <itemname> <count>. The count can be left out if it is 1.
    • Example: /give celeron55 default:apple 5 gives celeron55 five apples.
    • To give damaged tools, use <itemname> 1 <wear> (the 1 is important) where wear is 0 for an undamaged tool, 32768 for half-way damaged, 65535 for almost dead.
    • Example: /give noobie default:pick_mese 1 60000 gives noobie a few uses of a mese pickaxe.
    • Trying to give undefined items will now produce an error message instead of an undefined item.
  • New command: /pulverize. It destroys the item you currently have in your hand. Be careful!
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