Configuration file

  • ../minetest.conf (RUN_IN_PLACE version, relative to executable)
  • ../../minetest.conf (RUN_IN_PLACE version, relative to executable)
  • $HOME/.minetest/minetest.conf (globally installed version on Linux)

Special features of Minetest are configured using a configuration file, minetest.conf. The file is read always when Minetest is started. The file is created or modified by the menu always when the menu quits to the actual game.

A custom path to a configuration file can be specified on command line using the option

--config /path/to/minetest.conf

A file called minetest.conf.example is provided as an example. See that file for a more complete list of options.

Also, minetest.conf.example might be out-of-date sometimes. See the defaultsettings.cpp file in the source for list of options in the latest source.

Noteworthy settings (some)


Keys are configurable. Refer to minetest.conf.example.

Video driver

The video backend can be chosen.

# Possible values: null, software, burningsvideo, direct3d8, direct3d9, opengl
video_driver = opengl


You can specify an additional texture directory, from which Minetest will first search for textures.

texture_path = /path/to/textures

Settings for slow computers

These settings will make minetest run smoothly on slow machines. e.g. laptops with slow integrated graphics.

new_style_leaves = false
viewing_range_nodes_min = 16

Additionally, if you have very limited RAM, this will set the client to delete parts of the map from memory when they haven't been accessed for 120 seconds.

client_unload_unused_data_timeout = 120

Finest graphics settings

These are actually considerably slower than the fastest settings, but will run without any problems on fast machines.

new_style_leaves = true
new_style_water = true

In case of graphics glitches

You can disable the building of the texture atlas with this line. (A texture atlas is a big texture with multiple smaller textures tiled in it)

enable_texture_atlas = false

On some Windows machines OpenGL can cause problems. In that case, try

video_driver = direct3d9

Server configuration

These also apply to local game.

# Set speed of time in game:
time_speed = 400

Mouse settings

# Invert mouse vertical axis
invert_mouse = true
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