#minetest-delta 2012-03-10

19:12:40 < celeron55> by the way, i am currently working on this branch: 
19:15:16 < thexyz> will you include some community patches?
19:15:19 < thexyz> like 3d-player
19:16:13 < thexyz> i just ported it to latest revision...
19:16:14 < celeron55> at least not that one
19:16:31 < thexyz> isn't it better than nothing?
19:17:52 < celeron55> probably not
19:18:13 < celeron55> where is it, even?
19:18:29 < thexyz> https://github.com/xyzz/minetest-ru/commit/5190a66ecef2427e4e8591cd3b0456c39b98d9ce
19:18:31 < celeron55> not like i would take it, but i don't even know where to find 
                      the most recent port
19:19:06 < thexyz> should work on your master branch
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19:28:32 < celeron55> i wonder what kind of a system would be needed to make 
                      different looks for players possible
19:29:52 < thexyz> 3d models support?
19:30:23 < celeron55> nothing specific
19:30:26 < celeron55> all kinds of sprites too
19:30:39 < Calinou> skin server
19:30:40 < Fixer> http://www.universetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Nor%C3%B0urlj%C3%B3s-08.03.2012-lr.jpg
19:31:00 < Calinou> and a place to upload skins
19:31:54 < celeron55> ...
19:32:23 < thexyz> it's easy
19:32:37 < thexyz> just make client load mt_%playername%.png instead of mt_player.png
19:32:51 < thexyz> for current 3d-player-support
19:33:08 < thexyz> and then make mod which will contain those textures
19:33:37 < celeron55> i mean, who decides what player looks like what? and how does 
                      the one who defines them for example define animations?
19:34:17 < celeron55> who as in what piece of code and where
19:34:26 < celeron55> or configuration files
19:34:46 < thexyz> morph models seems to be easiest way
19:35:02 < thexyz> quake models contains _RUN/_STAND afaik
19:35:44 < thexyz> http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/docu/namespaceirr_1_1scene.html#a08d4a84966e1d2886d0d57e4acbb4f19a35893ae58423c41dace23ad13e262e2c
19:36:00 < thexyz> but there should be far better solution
19:36:02 < celeron55> ...and then tell how to support sprites with animations and 
19:36:30 < celeron55> i guess there could be our own format for such
19:36:48 < thexyz> just make them EMAT_RUN when object moves?
19:37:30 < celeron55> oh hell, you don't even have a clue what i am talking about?
19:37:58 < thexyz> so tell me!
19:38:00 < celeron55> i am just wasting my time
19:38:13 < celeron55> this discussion is over
19:38:22 < celeron55> (except if somebody non-clueless comes around)
19:40:02 < thexyz> nice point
19:40:24 < thexyz> > you just doesn't understand, discussion is over
19:40:50 < celeron55> i want an easy way to support doom-style sprites
19:41:15 < celeron55> your solutions do not provide such
19:43:45 < thexyz> you mean something like this 
                   http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/5310/doom64nightmareimp.png ?
19:44:33 < celeron55> it indeed could be just a spritemap like that
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19:45:56 < thexyz> why just don't use "real" 3d models?
19:46:29 < celeron55> because i don't like making them
19:47:23 < celeron55> so there needs to be a meta-value that says what kind of a 
                      thing the player's visuals are; for example 1) the current 
                      dummy plane, 2) an animated sprite supporting rotation like 
                      that doom thing, 3) a model
19:47:46 < celeron55> and a value that says what file it is
19:48:13 < celeron55> and those have to be transferred from the server to the client; 
                      and about transferring things like that i talked about a few 
                      days ago in here
19:48:30 < celeron55> altough... that is a bit special
19:51:23 < celeron55> hmm... it could be per-player
19:53:45 < celeron55> struct PlayerVisualDefinition{ enum{PVD_DUMMY, 
                      PVD_ANIMATED_SPRITE, PVD_MODEL} type; std::string filename; }
19:54:10 < celeron55> ObjectRef:set_player_visual({type="foo", filename="bar})
19:55:16 < celeron55> aand then some kind of a scheme needs to be designed to supply 
                      the initial visuals for players
19:55:49 < celeron55> maybe something like minetest.set_initial_player_visual()
19:56:49 < thexyz> is there any point to make it changeable during game?
19:57:24 < celeron55> there could be PVD_KRISIS_3D_PLAYER too, for the 3d player 
                      implementation that currently exists
19:57:32 < celeron55> thexyz: of course there is
20:00:12 < celeron55> PlayerVisualDefinition will be then transferred over network 
                      from the ServerRemotePlayer to PlayerCAO
20:00:29 < celeron55> so, there is a way using which i can happily include the 3d 
20:01:05 < celeron55> oh, and, the associated file can be just put in the textures of 
                      a mod
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