Included in 0.3 (oldest first)

— 0.2.20110731_3 released at this point —

Ladders and stuff.

Clang support: a number of patches to support the Clang compiler. Merged in c55

Sync inventories: share information about what item is wielded by each user across clients and server.

IP ban support: /#ipban <nick>, /#ipunban <ip>

fix to make path of data depend on PROJECT_NAME instead of APPNAME

liquid fixes: based on celeron55's lava branch, this branch should fix the remaining issues with the (new) fluids, ensuring that fluids flow properly and that they retract properly if the source is killed.

rewritten input: this should allow the use of any valid input character, not only the ones mapped by Irrlicht's EKEY_CODE system.

/me command: removes the distinction between server and client commands and introduces a /me command to display actions like on IRC. Note that the /me command is still a server-side command, it's not implemented client-side. The last patch in the series maps the / key to a chat window preloaded with a / character, and it depends on the rewritten input patches.

item transparency: proper support for transparency in inventory items. (added so heavily modified that no original commits persist.)

Mainmenu Tweak: Password field is focused automatically if there is already an address and name filled in.

Privilege Tweak: If a player doesn't have build rights, don't allow them to take from chests either.

Furnace Tweaks / Rat Cannot Escape: Furnace was saying it was out of fuel after finishing a fuel block even when there were more in it. Also it wouldn't fill it's inventory after adding 1 item to the last available slot. If there is a stack of rats in your full inventory that isn't yet full, then rats should be catchable still. (

Furnace != Blackhole: If something is in a furnace then it can't be removed, like chests.

Move 10 items: Middle mouse click will move 10 items in the inventory.

Dissector: A Wireshark dissector written in Lua, plus two documentation fixes.

Furnace Fix II: Fix for last fix and when furnace will say it's overloaded.

Eat only 1: If you right-click an eatable stack, only 1 is eaten and the stack stays if there remains yet more.

fixed map seed: Allow setting a user defined seed for map generation in minetest.conf (fixed_map_seed).

SQLite maps: Currently only maps are stored using SQLite, but from here storing anything else in the database is trivial.

Unloaded Territory: Dealing with entering unloaded sectors.

minetestmapper sqlite reading: Makes minetestmapper read from a database also.

Minetestmapper update: Updates to colors.txt: New block type entries, and sorted the old ones.

On Unix, link with libdl: SQLite uses dlopen/dlsym/dlclose/dlerror, so explicitly link with -ldl. Apparently Irrlicht links with -ldl depending on how it has been built, which may have masked the error in many cases.

Apple Trees: Apple Trees with eatable Apples which heal 2 Hearts and Iron Apples which heal 4 Hearts

— 0.2.20110922 released —

Fixed null pointer dereference errors found by cppcheck (joshbeck/github)

Locking Chest: Creates a Locking Chest (1 steel ingot surrounded by 8 planks), which only the player that placed it (and server admin) can add/remove items to/from - new clean patch.

Wielded tool: Show the tool the player is holding.

Wielded tool + View bobbing: View bobbing, extruded mesh wielded tool, camera code refactoring, configurable viewing angle (“fov”), lower zFar value.

Saplings growing into trees: Leaf blocks drop saplings at random, and saplings will grow to trees.

Minetestmapper ylist & underground fixes: Fix retrieving the list of y values from SQLite; use cStringIO; improve drawing of underground blocks; introduce a –drawunderground option (defaults to off).

— 0.3.0 released —

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