Installing Mods

Applies to recent versions of Minetest 0.4.

1. Download

See Minetest-c55 Forums' Mod Releases and Modding General sections or the mods wiki page.

2. Find out where to install

If you are running Microsoft Windows and downloaded the package distributed by celeron55, or use a RUN_IN_PLACE version, your mods folder is:


If your minetest is a system-wide installed version on Linux your folder is something like (create if needed):


More options

Also you can put mods in (might be useful for adventure worlds or something)


3. Extract

Extract the mod to your mods folder. You're done!

So what should it look like?

The directory structure for mods looks like this (in this, there are mods bucket, default, experimental and give_initial_stuff, but they could be anything):

    mods base directory (eg. mods/minetest/ or whatever)
    ├── bucket
    │   ├── depends.txt
    │   ├── init.lua
    │   └── textures
    │       ├── bucket_lava.png
    │       ├── bucket.png
    │       └── bucket_water.png
    ├── default
    │   ├── init.lua
    │   └── textures
    │       ├── default_apple.png
    │       ├── default_book.png
    │       ├── ...
    │       ├── default_tree_top.png
    │       ├── default_water.png
    │       └── default_wood.png
    ├── experimental
    │   ├── depends.txt
    │   └── init.lua
    └── give_initial_stuff
        ├── depends.txt
        └── init.lua
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