Fork branches with patches and features that should be considered for inclusion

Hell, this page is awfully old and nobody uses it. I guess it'll be just discarded. Try to use IRC or github or something instead. -celeron55

This pages collects information about bugfix patches and new features being developed by the community that should be considered for inclusion in minetest.

It does not include the main development by celeron55 and that of occasional other co-developers.

Please add a paragraph with the essential information about where the patches are and what they do. Place it in the appropriate subsection of this page:

  • Ready for review for features that are ready and are pending review/inclusion
  • In progress for features that are being developed, but are not ready yet
  • Included for features that have been merged in upstream

Ready for review

Fixes bucket: Allow the player to fill his bucket from a liquid stream and not only from the liquid source.

Fixing block placement: Fix for the “Don't allow block placement inside player, except when flying” issue.

Random fixes for the minetest_game repository: Adds double (left-handed) doors, which can be obtained by “flipping” the doors in the crafting grid once they are crafted. Also adds tooltips for buckets. Finally, it adds sounds for dirt, clay and glass.

Updated french translation: Updated french translation.

Finnish translation: Finnish translation.

Fix entities created from nodes (e.g. by punching TNT or making sand/gravel fall) being pitch black for a split second..

Entities plant visual: Add the plantlike draw type for entities, for more info view the related forum thread

Exploding TNT & sand falling into water: Modified TNT script which now explodes after 10 seconds, removing all nodes in a ~3.2 block radius and fixed node falling script so now falling blocks (sand,gravel) will pass through air, water & lava.

Optionally disallow empty passwords

  • It should be checked if this forces a password for local games by default
  • Confirmed, a password is now required for local games. DannyDark
  • Version 2 fixes local games requiring passwords. DannyDark

Updated jthread source: This updates the jthread sources to 1.3.1 (the latest version) and has the side effect of fixing linking to system jthread libraries of that version.

Anaglyph 3D support. Based on this official codesnippet. Screenshot.

Digging animation improvement (jordan4ibanez)

In progress

New database interface, map,env,player metadata in C++ & Lua: all minetest data is now stored in sqlite databases. Goodbye to world/players/*, *meta.txt etc! Welcome easy Lua and C++ interface for map and env metadata - plus [new!] player and mapblock metadata. Also, Lua interface for creating mod-specific databases. Everything described on the Minetest forum HERE

Old, but probably useful to some extent

Weather Effects: Added various weather effects like snow sleet and rain, support for more emitter types like sandstorms ash etc. TODO: everything serverside like: synchronisation of cloudposition and synchronisation for temperature among clients

3D Player diff file: This is a diff file of Krisi's 3D Player patch which can be found here

Add support for animated nodes: things that could cause problems: Animated nodes point to mesh_make_data instead of the real block data and the list of animated nodes will just be overwritten and i don't know if it will cause memory leaks.(Both things didn't cause problems while testing)

crawling, extended block selecting, better torch-like display:

  • Player can crouch and crawl by left control key (eye level 0.9 instead of 1.6).
  • Also added Extended intelligent block selecting. Try extended_block_selecting = true (default is false!). This helps with building e.g. bridges. screenshot
  • Better torch-like 3D display
  • Too much unrelated stuff in a single patchset, bad commit message(s)
    • Well… I put everything into one patch HERE. I checked it - this has nothing unrelated.
      • Still to fix and consider if to be merged:
        • Variables should be called like_this, not likeThis
        • m_eyeOffsetMin/Max being static members doesn't really match with existing code; just use #define
        • At least one os« thing with wrong indentation
        • Too many exclamation marks in comments
          • Everything above - fixed here
        • Also, isn't not fitting into 1 high places a feature and a sane restriction in a game and not a deficiency?
          • What you mean? I don't understand :/

Included in 0.4 (oldest first)

Menu mouse-over hilighting: Hilights the item over which the mouse pointer is.

Wireshark dissector updates, Oct 2011: Add TOSERVER_RESPAWN, TOCLIENT_DEATHSCREEN and fix a failed assertion due to certain TOCLIENT_CHAT_MESSAGE packets.

Raise modified flag on node metadata change: Moving things in or out of chests and furnaces did not raise the modified flag of the MapBlock, sometimes causing lost items.

Some fix to player getting thrown underground after connecting

Password administration: Fix processing of the default_password setting. It is now actually used as the plaintext password for new users. Also add /setpassword and /clearpassword server commands that can be used by admins with the PRIV_PASSWORD privilege, and update the /help message.

Better Irrlicht 1.8 compatibility: The signature of ITexture::lock has changed in Irrlicht 1.8, update camera.cpp accordingly.

minetest.desktop: The .desktop file, to improve desktop integration. Can be used for packaging and for local installations as well.

Fix middle-click in inventory: It used to not deselect when the slot was emptied.

vanilla billboard: instead of using MyBillboardSceneNode, use the default one addded by ISceneManager::addBillboardSceneNode. Improves Irrlicht 1.8 compatibility.

Fix texture indices of NDT_SIGNLIKE nodes

[ScriptAPI] Player died: Creates a scriptable callback, that is executed, when a player dies. It also fills the TODO gap in server.cpp

Itemdef: Item definitions, item namespace unification and much more.

Chat console: “`” opens a chat and command console similar to popular FPS games. The code works fine, but the background texture is only a placeholder. If somebody contributes a good default background this feature will be ready for review. (It appears the segfault issues stated here earlier have been completely fixed.) Multiple buffers (e.g. for private messages) are not yet supported, but should be relatively easy to implement. This branch also contains a few unrelated fixes, mostly fixing “uninitialized data” reported by valgrind. Update 2011-09-04: Now supports basic nick completion like in IRC.

  • This works fine on my linux system but not on Windows as “`” key isn't picked up, I will look into it and see If I can fix it to work with Windows. DannyDark
  • Ok it seems that you have already fixed the windows key issue in your keydebug branch so with this patch it fixes the in-game key detection issues on Windows, including pressing ”/” for the command input ^_^ DannyDark
  • Although the above patch fixes the in-game key detection it doesn't fix the Key Bindings menu, which always defaults to ”-” for keys it doesn't know but this is a not related to the Chat console. DannyDark

More documentation: Documentation for the commandline options, UNIX man pages to help package makers

Some map generator / post-lighting optimization stuff

Define the ^[transformN image modifier that rotates and/or mirrors an image

Client: Texture cache improvements / Caching textures by checksum

Install icon and desktop file: Installs icon file and minetest.desktop into right places on Unix systems.

Simple fullscreen support: Adds ability to run Minetest in true fullscreen by adding “fullscreen = true” to the config file, I also added the option to turn on vsync by adding “vsync = true” to the config file as my friend had screen tearing without it. DannyDark

Old, and probably not very useful anymore

Text Readability: Making text easier to read.

Light from wielded torches: light sources moving with the players when they are wielding a light (torches, but potentially others too). Not good for inclusion yet because the approach to dynamic light kills performance on low-spec hardware.

Writable paper: Adds a new type of item that can save text. Regular paper is craftable into writable paper (not stackable). In the inventory screen you can right-click on it twice and enter some text(multi-line). This text is saved with that item on the server. You could write a message on it and leave it for another player in a sort of primitive mail system. (Removed from 'Ready for review' because there is a bug in irrlicht dealing with multilined editboxes. See forum post related to issue here. There is a fix but it hasn't made it into a release, yet.)

const correctness: a long series of patches that try to bring the minetest code closer to be const correct. They rely on an (included) modified version of Irrlicht's core::Map that also introduces a constant iterator.

Chatcommand based ticketsystem: added a ticketsystem that uses the chat commands: /ticket new <desc> <message>, /ticket answer <id> <message>, /ticket close <id>, /ticket list If a ticket is closed it is deleted after 3 days. /ticket list lists all tickets if you have PRIV_TICKET or only your tickets if you do not have PRIV_TICKET. IDs of tickets are only persistent for one server session.

cmake Overhaul: Make cmake less brain dead. (requires sound, which is not ready)

Connect fences to solid nodes: Draw fence bars between fence posts and solid nodes

Don't draw liquid faces towards glass: Removes drawing of faces between a glasslike node and a liquid. As liquids face is a texture of it's surface this looks really strange if you look through glass. not drawing a face in this case looks much more natural.

Distinct forks

These are not mergeable due to too much inseparable content and features.

Player groups, block ownership, teleports:

  • Player can create a group. Any member of a group can add other players to it or kick them.
  • Group may own MapBlocks (only members can modify them). Ownership is got by placing a new block “Border Stone”
  • Teleport block is added (one-way teleport, from where it is to defined coords)

For 0.3

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