Patchsets for 0.3

That is, patchsets that are not compatible with 0.4. Some or most can be made to. Please note that content in 0.4 is supposed to be in mod scripts; some (or all) of the stuff here is content.

Coloured Glass: This adds Flowers, Coloured Powders, Beakers and Dyes to the Game. Please note that because of the amount of content going to be in the game in the future this branch also organises the Data folder to a better organised structure. I can revert it on request though I think this is better for texture pack creators this way and has been suggested by a few members of the community.

Lurker mobs: Adds lurker mobs to Minetest.

Bucket & Rat fur bed: Adds a bucket (5 sticks in a U) that allows you to collect water and you can craft rats into fur, and then use that to make a bed (3 furs above 3 crates.)

MESE-Sword and MESE-Pickaxe slower: Adds Mese Sword and makes Mese Pickaxe slower

Growing Plants: Cactus and Pypyrus grows

Leaf decay: falling leaves & apples, trees now grows only with enough place and only on grass/mud

Glowstone: Glowstone creates a small amount of ambient light, and occurs in the ground at the same frequency as coal. When mined it makes glowdust, which can then be smelted into brightglass. When placed, brightglass emits light equal to a torch.

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