Minetest Roadmap

<<dev_index The roadmap is divided in stages, which are slices of time, preferably something from 2 to 12 weeks in length. A new slice is added as needed. Technical details of things are described on pages in the namespaces roadmap and dev.

celeron55 is responsible for maintaining and updating this page.

The roadmap can be debated on, for example, #minetest-delta@Freenode.

Stuff at more early planning stage can be found here.

Stage 1: 2012-02-21...2012-07-21 [finished]

Stage 2: 2012-07-21... [active]

  • [done] darkrose's work:
    • Improved formspec
    • Node timers
    • 16-bit node ids
    • Tweaking and merging
  • [done] Implement /give, /giveme, /spawnentity and /pulverize commands in builtin rather than game
  • [done] Detached inventories, which would allow rewamping the creative mode to just have a huge list of nodes for dragging into the player's inventory. Requires darkrose's improved formspec.
  • [done] Dye and wool mod included (not planned)
    • [done] Fast node place/dig log in C++ and rollback methods (works as well as it can, for most part)
  • Server essentials
    • Add a setting for disabling fire
    • Create a system for supporting extra interact limitations - for example setting a spawn area only modifiable for players with an “interact_extra” privilege.
      • See register_interact_limiter in random_things_by_celeron55
      • Buckets, chests, signs, furnaces and all mods must have a good way of supporting this
      • Maybe not?
  • What else?
  • This will make up a few 0.4.x releases

Stage N-2

Stage N-1

  • Map generator moddability
  • Fix bugs (if not fixed earlier) (umm… i think these are already fixed)
  • Further improvements in Lua API (with consideration)

Stage N

  • Improved GUI system? Maybe no…
  • There are many untouched patchsets available; when and WTF to do with them?
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