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This page contains a public list of stuff to do, mainly created and maintained by celeron55, in no particular order.

This page is a mess. See roadmap.

  • Extend the sound system to allow different digging and walking sounds
    • Then create some sounds
  • Test sound system on on all platforms
    • list of verified platforms: Archlinux 32bit
    • list of non-working platforms: <none>
  • Flowing water animation (when creating the mesh of a MapBlock, store the indices of water somehow in the MapBlock and using them, update the vertex coordinates of water. Applies to lava too. Lava should be slower.)
  • Flowing water current to move objects and players
  • Don't allow block placement inside player, except when flying (has been requested for more than half a year)
  • Server-side flying prevention (requested)
  • Better mob system [partly done]
    • Then better mobs [partly done]
  • Multiple texture packs (each in a different subdirectory), drop-down list selection in main menu. Or something like that.
  • Figure out how glowstone should appear in the game (i mean, not the looks, but where it is found)
    • Suggestion: there could be special caves with glowing plants (I (uh, who?) imagined big connected caves like in dwarf fortress with mosses, giant mushrooms, some mobs (insects probably) and some kind of plant growing everywhere which glows), you could make it so that one extracts 'glow powder' from the plans which can be crafted to glowstone ect.
  • Verify that the const correctness patches work on all platforms (patchsets)
    • list of verified platforms: <none>
    • list of non-working platforms: <none>
  • Test the chat console on all platforms (patchsets)
    • list of verified platforms: Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10 & 12.04A1), Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) [With patch from kahrl's keydebug branch]
    • list of non-working platforms: <none>
  • Railcars
  • Also some other code snippets that might be useful:
  • When the server is sending block data the first time, only generate the mesh for a block when all its neighbor blocks have been received. Currently receiving every block will cause an update of all the three to-one-direction neighboring blocks.
  • Instead of selecting blocks for rendering at every frame in ClientMap::render() (or whatever it was), preselect them at a slower pace, possibly with occlusion culling, and then render from that preselected list of them.
  • On Windows (j0gge), “Cannot open database file” if path of Minetest has [åäöÅÄÖ].
  • Object-object interaction
  • Object-world interaction
  • Fire
  • Development server crashes:
    • “ERROR: StaticObjectList::insert(): id already exists” (NOTE: Has not been fixed by the network layer memory corruption fix. That means this has happened now twice.)
  • If a dungeon master removes a torch near an unloaded block, the light will stay in the unloaded block.
  • If a tree grows near an unloaded block, it may get clipped or lighting may get fucked
  • debug.txt should be in the world directory - uh, but how about a non-local game?
  • Fix inventory gui lag (that is, implement prediction for chests too) (requested by jordan4ibanez)
  • Allow object groups in crafting recipes (group:groupname)
  • Implement group-based digging time calculation (discussions on 2012-02-05 on #minetest-delta and #minetest-dev)
  • Redesign node metadata and make some kind of permission callbacks for inventories of nodes
  • Fix this: (serverremoteplayer.cpp:111: virtual void ServerRemotePlayer::addedToEnvironment(): Assertion '!m_is_in_environment' failed.)

DONE (upstream)

Some thoughts

  • We probably should clearly separate what is actually legit survival playing and what is creative stuff (like flying)
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