Outdated workflow

Almost completely github-based.

  • github/celeron55/master: Main development branch
  • github/celeron55/stable-<version>: Reset to master at release; then only (backported) fixes added.

People branch stuff from celeron55/master and list their doings in patchsets.


When a new release is made, the stable branch is copied to stable-<oldversion> and the current development branch is then copied into stable.

Old proposal

The proposal assumes that most of the work is based off celeron55's main branch, which is currently available on github as well as on bitbucket. The github repository has recently become the primary tree, with the bitbucket repository being a mercurial mirror of the same.

Key points of the proposal:

  • the delta repository is based on celeron55's
  • celeron55 merges features and bugfixes from appropriate feature branches

Major points:

  • celeron55 never merges from delta
  • feature branches should be based on celeron55's

The minetest-delta repository is therefore an experimental fork of minetest, where new features are tested (together) before being included in celeron55's. The minetest-delta repository has two main branches: master and delta

  • master is a stable branch based on celeron55's master, any delta-specific patches such as the ones changing the project name, the different graphics or the management scripts
  • delta is an unstable, automatically (re)generated branch that merges features which are candidate for inclusion into celeron55

The list of candidate features is automatically extracted from this page.

No work should be based on delta: except for delta-specific patches (e.g. auxiliary scripts), all work should be based on c55's master branch.

If you want to help test the new features, use the delta branch from the minetest-delta repository. If you want to help develop them, use whatever branch+repository they were taken from (check the list in the delta or master branch in the delta repository).

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